Fact sheet on public procurement by Veblen Institute

Veblen Institute, France published a fact sheet on public procurement.

Here the paper’s key conclusions regarding CETA/TTIP & SMEs:

→ Better access to public procurement contracts in the USA for a very small number of European SMEs
→ Greater competition on the national and European public procurement markets given the greater access accorded to competition and the lifting of exemptions currently imposed on American and Canadian suppliers
→ Reduced ability of public authorities to include social and environmental criteria in calls for tender which can result in local suppliers winning contracts
→ A commitment by the EU and member states, in future, not to include local content requirements in public procurement or to enact a European Small Business Act

Find here the whole fact sheet: http://faireconomyalliance.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/20160901-EN-note_marches_publics_ceta_ttip_institut_veblen.pdf