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Business Against TTIP is a group of more than 300 UK businesses, led by six initiators, which have all signed on to a statement opposing EU-US trade deal, TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The businesses are drawn from a variety of sectors and locations in the UK, but they are all unified in their belief that TTIP will place UK businesses, standards and democracy itself under threat.

Business Against TTIP was launched by six initiators including 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year and CEO of MVF Global, Titus Sharpe, CEO of Menhaden Capital PLC, environmentalist and financier Ben Goldsmith, and Katharine Hamnett, renowned fashion designer and founder of Katharine Hamnett Fashion.

Together, the businesses believe that TTIP’s agenda of unfair competition with US businesses with lower energy and labour costs threatens the survival of many UK businesses; that TTIP will undermine EU social and environmental standards that UK businesses conform to; and that US firms will gain unprecedented powers to sue the UK government when any new laws affect their profits.

Business Against TTIP calls for an immediate end to TTIP: “We call on the UK government and the European Commission to stop the TTIP negotiations, and to ensure instead that trade is regulated to the highest standards for people and the environment.”

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Mail: info@businessagainstttip.org
Website: http://businessagainstttip.org

UK: YouGov survey highlights SME concerns about free trade agreements United Kingdom

UK: YouGov survey highlights SME concerns about free trade agreements


1 June 2016. The Business Growth Foundation (BGF) has published the results of its recently commissioned YouGov research (supported by the Schöpflin Stiftung), which surveyed more than 1,000 UK SMEs