Unternehmen für gerechten Handel (Businesses for responsible trade)

The initiative “Unternehmen für gerechten Handel” (Businesses for responsible trade) Germany (previously known as “KMU gegen TTIP”) was founded in September 2015. The aim of the working group is to inform Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Germany about the possible consequences and effects of free trade agreements like TTIP & CETA. As well as providing information, the initiative intends to enable both SMEs and citizens from across society to express their concerns, which are largely ignored in the current communications of the European Commission.

Please find here the positions
The initiative founders are the owners of the following companies:
– Martina Römmelt-Fella, Fella Maschinenbau GmbH (Odenwald near Frankfurt am Main)
– Gottfried Härle, Brauerei Clemens Härle KG, (Leutkirch im Allgäu)
– Frank Immendorf, Egovision GmbH (Lohmar)
– Ulrich Walter, Lebensraum GmbH (Diepholz)
– Ulrike Saade, Velokonzept GmbH (Berlin)

Who are the signatories?

• More than 2,600 companies from across Germany have already signed up. They come from many different sectors including general engineering; metal engineering; the food sector; banking; doctors and care workers; carpentry and timber companies; communications and consulting; culture; IT; LED and the sensor technology sector.
• Many signatory companies come from Germanys industrial and trading centres. Bavaria, North-Rhine Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg are well represented; followed by Lower Saxony, Berlin and Hamburg.
• The largest numbers of supporter companies come from commerce (17%), IT and consulting (17%), trades and crafts (21%) and the liberal professions (24%). This clearly shows where the pinch points are. The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in these sectors will not benefit from TTIP – quite the opposite, as it is precisely sustainable and regional artisanal companies that will be the losers. Their opinions are not being properly represented by the trade associations where the loudest voices are those of industrial companies and corporates.


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UnternehmensGrün e.V. (German Association of Green Economy)

UnternehmensGrün – the German Federal association of green economy – was founded as early as 1992. Representing more than 190 members, UG campaigns for the protection of the environment and a sustainable economy. UnternehmensGrün is a nonpartisan, non-profit and financially independent entrepreneurs association. They are in constant dialogue with policy-makers, both at state and federal level. The members are mainly small and medium-sized businesses.

A study by UnternehmensGrün pointed out the possible effects on small and medium-sized businesses in the agriculture and food sectors in Germany of TTIP, currently being negotiated between the EU and the USA. The study highlights the differences between the existing legal systems and differing areas of interest in the two blocs. It also takes a close look at those areas that have been identified as key areas of conflict, namely ‘genetic engineering in agriculture’, ‘pesticides’, and ‘animal fattening and animal welfare’.

Further results of the study include:

  • TTIP makes it more difficult to label animal products, when animals have been fed on genetically modified feed. This is despite the fact that the coalition agreement of the current German government calls to extend the labeling on this kind of products.
  • Meat farmers will not be able to compete with the economies of scale of large American industrial producers, who work on a massive scale and use highly cost-efficient methods
  • The Maximum Residue Limits of pesticides on fruit and vegetables in the USA is up to 500 times higher than in the EU. TTIP requires a compromise. The current suggestion of the EU to base future standards on the Codex Alimentarius means a reduction of European standards
  • Dairy farmers cannot expect exports to solve their current problems. TTIP will mean even more price competition and drive yet more small dairy farmers out of business.

Please find here an executive summary of the study: >>TTIP and the agricultural sector<<


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