Welcome to Fair Economy Alliance – an information website about initiatives in Europe involving SMEs concerned about TTIP.

Fair Economy Alliance is an exchange of information on initiatives by SMEs about international free trade agreements under negotiation by the EU (CETA with Canada and TTIP with the US). They wish to show themselves to the public and inform business, politics and media.

What these SME initiatives have in common is the interest to protect the relatively high social and ecological standards in Europe and to work for a vibrant democracy. They also defend their own economic interests, since TTIP and CETA will, if anything, benefit only large and global companies while harming small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • Investor protection: International arbitration tribunals such as the Investment Court System (ICS) currently considered for TTIP are supposed to protect foreign investors from legislative changes in the respective countries. However, the expenses for such proceedings amount to around 8 million euros – SMEs cannot carry that kind of financial burden.
  • Regional value chains: SMEs often depend on local markets and the distinctiveness and social connectivity of these make a vital contribution to our quality of life. In the course of market liberalisation, TTIP negotiators want to restrict ‘buy local’ movements and regulations. Especially businesses with sustainable production methods see themselves facing unfair competition.
  • The negative list: Unlike previous trade agreements of the EU, TTIP and CETA use the ‘negative list’: All service sectors will automatically be governed by TTIP and CETA rules, unless they are considered particularly sensitive and are explicitly excluded from the treaty. Following the principle ‘list it or lose it’, everything not rescued via the negative list will be put under pressure of privatisation – be it culture, education or public welfare services.

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